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A system for raising and lowering a ceiling fixture featuring a reel box with a cable reel and cable, and a motor connected to the cable reel. The cable extends out of the reel box and attaches to a ceiling fixture. The motor rotates the cable reel to wind and unwind the cable. A hollow female cone is connected below the reel box. The cable passes through the female cone. A male cone is attached to the cable below the female cone. The male cone has is adapted to fit inside the female cone. Electrical contact rings are disposed on the inner surface of the female cone for house wiring and the outer surface of the male cone for fixture wiring. When the male cone is in the female cone, the electrical contact rings operatively connect.

System for raising and lowering ceiling fans and light fixtures
Application Number
Publication Number
8348215 (B1)
Application Date
October 28, 2010
Publication Date
January 8, 2013
Christopher A Smith
A47H 1/10
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