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A method and apparatus for modifying an article of clothing employs a button or disk and an oval shaped or elongated receiver or collar. A shirt, blouse, dress or other article of clothing can be modified at any selected location(s) by placing the disk or button behind a portion of the fabric of the article of clothing, encapsulating or twisting the button or disk so that it is covered with the fabric, then pushing the fabric covered button or disk through a second layer or section of the article of clothing. The disk or button with both sections of fabric are then passed through a central elongated opening of the collar or receiver. The collar or receiver then retains the button and the portions of the article of clothing in a position that produces a gathering of fabric, thus modifying the design or look of the garment.

Method and apparatus for modifying an article of clothing
Application Number
Publication Number
8347416 (B1)
Application Date
June 11, 2010
Publication Date
January 8, 2013
Lisa Query
Lake Charles
Vanessa M D Souza
Charles C Garvey Jr
Garvey Smith Nehrbass & North L L C
A44B 1/04
A41D 27/08
A44B 1/18
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