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Tools and methods are particularly suited for certain cardiac conditions involving use of a catheter for pacing of the right and left ventricles from a lead in the right ventricle, e.g., to facilitate mechanically and/or electrically synchronous contractions for resynchronization. Certain aspects involve pacing and/or mapping by delivering pulses to a cardiac site useful for improving heart function as measured, e.g., by QRS width, fractionation, late LV activation timing, mechanical synchronicity of free wall and septal wall, effective throughput/pressure, or a combination thereof. In one embodiment, a catheter arrangement includes a fixation mechanism to attach the catheter arrangement to heart tissue, individually-addressable electrodes for providing pacing signals to the heart tissue, and an elongated structure that supports the fixation mechanism and the electrodes. The elongated structure is used to direct an end thereof to the target region in the right ventricle, and deliver an electrical pacing signal to different portions within the target region of the heart when the fixation mechanism is operative to attach to heart tissue and also when the fixation mechanism is not attaching the catheter arrangement to heart tissue.

Devices and methods for steering electrical stimulation in cardiac rhythm management
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8326423 (B2)
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June 26, 2008
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December 4, 2012
Daniel Felipe Ortega
Buenos Aires
Qingsheng Zhu
Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A
Cardiac Pacemakers
A61N 1/372
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