08322589 is referenced by 244 patents and cites 1305 patents.

A surgical instrument including a shaft, an end effector movable relative to the shaft, a locking mechanism configured to engage the shaft and/or end effector to fix the relative relationship between the shaft and end effector, and a closure system configured to close the end effector and engage the locking mechanism to prevent it from becoming unlocked. The instrument can further include a firing drive comprising a trigger, a firing member, and a pawl, where the pawl is rotatable between a first position in which the pawl is disengaged from the firing member and a second position in which the trigger can advance the pawl and firing member toward the end effector. The instrument can also include a reel, a band, where the band can be wound around the reel to retract the firing member, and a return mechanism for selectively engaging the trigger with the firing member and the reel.

Surgical stapling instruments
Application Number
Publication Number
8322589 (B2)
Application Date
July 2, 2010
Publication Date
December 4, 2012
Chad P Boudreaux
Ethicon Endo Surgery
A61B 17/068
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