08291812 is referenced by 19 patents and cites 57 patents.

A self-tamping coffee holder tamps loose ground coffee obtaining richer flavor. The coffee holder includes a holder base and a holder cap. Coffee is loosely deposited in the coffee holder and the holder cap is attached to the holder base. An internal filter chamber holds the coffee and allows tamping of the coffee into a compacted state. The filter chamber may be formed by a fixed filter or by a removeable filter constructed of filter paper, nylon mesh, metal mesh, or any material capable of holding the coffee while allowing a flow of heated water through the coffee. The tamping may be by a spring or by a resilient solid material attached to the coffee holder and may push the coffee down inside the filter or push the filter and the coffee up against the holder lid.

Self tamping coffee holder
Application Number
Publication Number
8291812 (B2)
Application Date
November 17, 2009
Publication Date
October 23, 2012
Adrian Rivera
Kenneth L Green
B30B 1/00
A47J 31/00
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