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A user programmable hearing aid allows a user to select acoustical configuration programs that provide optimum performance for the user. The user may cycle through and evaluate various available programs by momentarily pressing a push button on the hearing aid housing. When a preferred program is active, the user can press the push button for an extended time to designate that program as a selected program. The acoustical configuration programs include initial-tuning programs that are operable in an initial-tuning mode and fine-tuning programs that are operable in a fine-tuning mode. The hearing aid may also operate in a Configuration Mode wherein configuration settings may be changed using the push button and a volume control. In the Configuration Mode, a clinician or patient may easily change configuration settings manually, with no need to connect the apparatus to a computer or other programming interface.

Preprogrammed hearing assistance device with user selection of program
Application Number
Publication Number
8284968 (B2)
Application Date
December 1, 2008
Publication Date
October 9, 2012
Daniel R Schumaier
Luedeka Neely Group P C
H04R 25/00
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