08230822 is referenced by 8 patents and cites 24 patents.

A pet collar assembly is removably attached to a pet collar and carries a leash. The assembly allows for extending and retracting the leash and includes a housing, an actuator assembly for actuating retraction of the leash upon receiving force higher than a threshold retraction force, and a spool communicating with the actuator assembly and biased for coiling the leash. The actuator assembly has a button and a button shaft that mechanically communicates with a hook shaft attached to a hook. The hook engages a plurality of teeth disposed on the circumference of a rim of the spool. An elastic band applies force against the hook so that the actuator assembly remains in a locked configuration unless a force higher than the threshold retraction force is received by the button.

Pet collar having retractable leash
Application Number
Publication Number
8230822 (B2)
Application Date
August 14, 2009
Publication Date
July 31, 2012
Sandra W Smith
Luedeka Neely Group P C
A01K 27/00
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