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A surgical imaging device includes at least one light source for illuminating an object, at least two image sensors configured to generate image data corresponding to the object in the form of an image frame, and a video processor configured to receive from each image sensor the image data corresponding to the image frames and to process the image data so as to generate a composite image. The video processor may be configured to normalize, stabilize, orient and/or stitch the image data received from each image sensor so as to generate the composite image. Preferably, the video processor stitches the image data received from each image sensor by processing a portion of image data received from one image sensor that overlaps with a portion of image data received from another image sensor. Alternatively, the surgical device may be, e.g., a circular stapler, that includes a first part, e.g., a DLU portion, having an image sensor a second part, e.g., an anvil portion, that is moveable relative to the first part. The second part includes an arrangement, e.g., a bore extending therethrough, for conveying the image to the image sensor. The arrangement enables the image to be received by the image sensor without removing the surgical device from the surgical site.

Surgical imaging device
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8229549 (B2)
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July 9, 2004
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July 24, 2012
Donald Malinouskas
Michael P Whitman
New Hope
Tyco Healthcare Group
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