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Wind-generated electric power is collected in a multiple nodal arrangement where the DC output current of each node can be held constant while the DC output node voltage is allowed to vary. The DC outputs from the wind-generated power collection nodes are connected together in series and fed to a plurality of regulated current source inverters via a high voltage DC transmission link. Each inverter converts input DC power into a three phase AC output. The AC outputs of the regulated current source inverters are connected to a phase shifting transformation network that supplies three phase electric power to a conventional AC electrical transmission system. Alternatively wind-generated and photovoltaic-generated electric power is commonly collected in a nodal arrangement and transported at high voltage DC to a plurality of regulated current source inverters for supply to the conventional AC electrical transmission system.

Collection of electric power from renewable energy sources via high voltage, direct current systems with conversion and supply to an alternating current transmission network
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8212408 (B2)
Application Date
August 18, 2009
Publication Date
July 3, 2012
Oleg S Fishman
Maple Glen
Philip O Post
Alencon Acquisition Co
H02M 5/40
H02M 5/00
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