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An oil-gas vapor collection, storage, and recovery system ensures that no air or oxygen leakage into the production tank occurs when gauging and/or emptying a tank. The system provides a constant reservoir-type storage system by utilizing a variable volume gas bag, expanding with a surge of gas from the separator and with minimal water column pressure from the plunger lift system, thereby containing the gas surge, but contracting with gas dissipation thus minimizing the compressor cycling, while accommodating rapid liquid and vapor influxes into the tank thus maintaining constant tank pressure. With expansion, the bag actuates a switch which activates a compressor, which, in turn, compresses the contained gas into the pipeline. Upon bag collapse, a switch is activated to turn off the compressor. Thus, the system provides constant storage tank pressure because the gas bag accommodates and controls variable gas volume.

Oil-gas vapor collection, storage, and recovery system using a variable volume gas bag connected with a control switch
Application Number
Publication Number
8206124 (B1)
Application Date
June 20, 2008
Publication Date
June 26, 2012
Paul B Trost
Frederick T Varani
E21B 43/12
F04B 49/20
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