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A probe having a conductive body and a contacting tip that is terminated by one or more blunt skates for engaging a conductive pad of a device under test (DUT) for performing electrical testing. The contacting tip has a certain width and the blunt skate is narrower than the tip width. The skate is aligned along a scrub direction and also has a certain curvature along the scrub direction such that it may undergo both a scrub motion and a self-cleaning rotation upon application of a contact force between the skate and the conductive pad. While the scrub motion clears oxide from the pad to establish electrical contact, the rotation removes debris from the skate and thus preserves a low contact resistance between the skate and the pad. The use of probes with one or more blunt skates and methods of using such self-cleaning probes are especially advantageous when testing DUTs with low-K conductive pads or other mechanically fragile pads that tend to be damaged by large contact force concentration.

Probes with offset arm and suspension structure
Application Number
Publication Number
8203353 (B2)
Application Date
May 11, 2010
Publication Date
June 19, 2012
January Kister
Portola Valley
Peacock Myers P C
Samantha A Updegraff
Deborah A Peacock
G01R 31/20
G01R 1/067
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