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The subject invention provides a modular six-degrees-of-freedom spatial mechanism for spinal disc prosthesis, with up to three rotational and up to three translational degrees-of-freedom within the entire workspace of a Functional Spinal Unit (FSU). The prosthetic disc mechanism consists of up to three independent cylindrical joints, each joint providing one linear and one rotational degree of freedom. The superior and inferior vertebral plates of the device anchor to the superior and inferior vertebrae of an FSU and the device maintains an inseparable mechanical linkage between those vertebrae for all normal motions and positions of the FSU. The device utilizes resilient spring elements, components that self-adjust in position and orientation, in conjunction with a fiber reinforced boot and toroidal belt, as well as a unique hydraulic damping system to accommodate dynamic and static forces and sudden shocks on the FSU. The device can adjust to maintain the appropriate, but changing, intervertebral spacing during normal FSU motion. Scaling, conjoined with cushioned, joint-limit stops, allows the device to realize almost any nominal spinal articulation, from the cervical to lumbar regions.

Dynamic six-degrees-of-freedom intervertebral spinal disc prosthesis
Application Number
Publication Number
8202322 (B2)
Application Date
March 8, 2011
Publication Date
June 19, 2012
Keith L Doty
Saliwanchik Lloyd & Eisenschenk
A61F 2/44
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