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A modular hand guard assembly serves both as a hand guard system and as an integrated interface system for mounting various weapon accessories and attachments thereto. The modular hand guard assembly includes a removable forward rail section that can be removed from the forward portion of the hand guard to provide for the installation of additional weapon accessories such as lights, optics or lasers in highly a desirable forward location adjacent to the barrel of the weapon. The modular hand guard assembly further includes a removable lower hand guard to provide access to the barrel of the firearm and an integrated modular switching and control system for use in connection with the various powered accessories mounted thereto.

Modular hand guard assembly
Application Number
Publication Number
8201353 (B1)
Application Date
January 14, 2010
Publication Date
June 19, 2012
Richard E Swan
E. Bridgewater
Barlow Josephs & Holmes
F41C 23/16
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