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A method for playing wagering games at which players are eligible for a progressive game includes, responsive to receiving wager inputs from players, conducting wagering games in which players are eligible to win a progressive game. The method includes funding the progressive game by a portion of the wager inputs. The progressive game has a certain number of fund pools, each fund pool receiving a substantially equivalent share of the funding portion. The method also includes displaying a progressive-game award value that is substantially equivalent to an amount of one of the fund pools. In response to a player triggering a progressive-award winning outcome, a plurality of selectable elements are displayed to the player, each selectable element being associated with a progressive-game award multiplier that increases the progressive-game award value to an enhanced-progressive-award value. The progressive game multiplier dictates the number of the fund pools to be used to award the enhanced-progressive-award value to the player.

Wagering game with multiplier for progressive fund pool
Application Number
Publication Number
8182338 (B2)
Application Date
April 5, 2007
Publication Date
May 22, 2012
Alfred Thomas
Las Vegas
Nixon Peabody
WMS Gaming
A63F 13/00
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