08140357 is referenced by 57 patents and cites 60 patents.

A billing and records system software application that places responsibility for billing and coding accuracy upon the provider of services and is used on a front-end computer which allows the provider to update, edit, and input data. The front-end computer is linked to a back-end computer. The back-end computer program stores the necessary databases for use on the front-end computer. The reference databases have all of the current coding required for the provider. The back-end computer also contains a linkage component and a billing program which uses data from the front-end computer to prepare a bill for the encounter.

Point of service billing and records system
Application Number
Publication Number
8140357 (B1)
Application Date
April 26, 2000
Publication Date
March 20, 2012
Peter V Boesen
Des Moines
McKee Voorhees & Sease
G06Q 40/00
G06Q 50/00
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