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In various embodiments, a surgical stapler is provided that may comprise a body, a stapling head operably coupled to the body, an anvil movably supported relative to the stapling head for selective travel toward and away from the stapling head, and an anvil adjustment shaft supported by the body for selectively adjusting a position of the anvil relative to the stapling head. The adjustment shaft and/or the body may be configured to establish at least one predetermined staple forming height between the anvil and the stapling head irrespective of adjustment shaft rotation. Additionally, the adjustment shaft and/or the body may be configured to provide tactile feedback to a user rotating the anvil adjustment shaft, thereby providing the user of an indication of when an appropriate staple forming height has been reached. Various integrations of components described herein may also reduce the part count required for a surgical stapler, thereby reducing assembly time and manufacturing cost.

Surgical stapler with discrete staple height adjustment and tactile feedback
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8136712 (B2)
Application Date
December 10, 2009
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March 20, 2012
Aron O Zingman
Ethicon Endo Surgery
A61B 17/10
A61B 17/04
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