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A turbine blade having a leading edge portion and a flowing-off edge portion is formed using the following steps: providing a centrifugal casting device having a rotor and at least one crucible being accommodated in the rotor; providing a mold having an extended cavity for forming the turbine blade; arranging the mold so that an inlet opening of the mold is arranged with an outlet opening of the crucible, and further arranging the mold so that a mold leading edge is directed in a direction against the rotational direction of the rotor; forcing a metal melt by means of centrifugal forces from the crucible into the mold; exerting a pressure on the melt being forced into the mold until the temperature of the solidifying melt has reached a predetermined cooling-temperature; and relieving the pressure when the temperature of the solidifying melt is below the predetermined cooling-temperature.

Method for production of turbine blades by centrifugal casting
Application Number
Publication Number
8136573 (B2)
Application Date
February 7, 2007
Publication Date
March 20, 2012
Manfred Renkel
Bad Staffelstein
Manabu Kanesaka
B22D 13/06
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