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A method and device are disclosed for an associative and approximate, analog or digital scanning of databases that allows for the asynchronous accessing of data from a mass storage medium. The invention includes providing dedicated analog and digital circuitry and decision logic at the mass storage medium level for determining a key identifying the data of interest, continuously comparing the key to a signal generated from a reading of the data from the mass storage medium with an approximate or exact matching circuit to determine a pattern match, determining a correlation value between the key and the data as it is read in a continuous fashion, and determining a match based upon a preselected threshold value for the correlation value. The pattern matching technique eliminates any need to compare data based on its intrinsic structure or value, and instead is based on an analog or digital pattern. The key and data may be either analog or digital. This device and method may be provided as part of a stand-alone computer system, embodied in a network attached storage device, or can otherwise be provided as part of a computer LAN or WAN.

Method and apparatus for approximate matching where programmable logic is used to process data being written to a mass storage medium and process data being read from a mass storage medium
Application Number
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8131697 (B2)
Application Date
October 31, 2007
Publication Date
March 6, 2012
Mark Allen Franklin
St. Louis
Ron Kaplan Cytron
St. Louis
Ronald S Indeck
St. Louis
Thompson Coburn
Washington University
G06F 17/30
G06F 7/00
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