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A video signal processing device is a video signal processing device for converting an input first video signal to a second video signal, and inputting to a display panel, the video signal processing device including an input unit for receiving an input of a set value of the second video signal to be converted and output in correspondence to a signal level for each of a plurality of sample points of the signal level of the first video signal; a calculating unit for interpolation calculating the signal level of the second video signal to be converted and output for the signal level between each sample points; and a control unit for transferring a conversion table including a set value of the second video signal for each sample point of the first video signal and an interpolation calculated interpolation value between each sample points to a memory unit; wherein the memory unit converts to the second video signal of a corresponding signal level based on the conversion table according to the signal level of the input first video signal, and outputs the second video signal.

Video signal processing device and video signal processing method
Application Number
Publication Number
8094238 (B2)
Application Date
April 10, 2007
Publication Date
January 10, 2012
Tomohisa Tagami
Greenblum & Bernstein
Panasonic Corporation
H04N 5/202
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