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A system for tracking objects includes a radio frequency (RF) transceiver device integrated in a wireless handheld personal electronic device (e.g., cell phone, BLACKBERRY, iPHONE) having a visual display, a battery power source and a selection of distinct audible ringtones. The transceiver device communicates via RF signals with transponders installed within or attached to personal objects such as, but not limited to: keys; wallets; laptops; handbags; handheld electronic devices; cameras; video cameras; MP3 players; sunglasses and pens. The tracked objects are programed into the wireless handheld electronic device and are viewable on the display, identifying the object by name, transponder number and identifying ringtone. The transceiver device is pre-programed to trigger alarm functions (e.g., distinct ringtone, vibration and/or visual indicator) of the wireless handheld device upon any one or more of the tracked objects becoming separated from the transceiver device beyond a predetermined distance.

Transceiver device for cell phones for tracking of objects
Application Number
Publication Number
8094011 (B2)
Application Date
December 4, 2008
Publication Date
January 10, 2012
Marcos Batista Correa
Avenida Govenador Roberto Siliveira
Paulo Luz Teixeira Jr
Delray Beach
Everardo Dos Santos Faris
Avenida Govenador Roberto Siliveira
Robert M Downey P A
G08B 1/08
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