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Techniques for facilitating the exchange of information and transactions between two entities associated with two wireless devices when the devices are in close proximity to each other. A first device uses a first short range wireless capability to detect an identifier transmitted from a second device in proximity, ideally using existing radio capabilities such as Bluetooth (IEEE802.15.1-2002) or Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11). The detected identifier, being associated with the device, is also associated with an entity. Rather than directly exchanging application data flow between the two devices using the short range wireless capability, a second wireless capability allows for one or more of the devices to communicate with a central server via the internet, and perform the exchange of application data flow. By using a central server to draw on stored information and content associated with the entities the server can broker the exchange of information between the entities and the devices.

Visual identification information used as confirmation in a wireless communication
Application Number
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8090616 (B2)
Application Date
February 3, 2009
Publication Date
January 3, 2012
James Arthur Proctor III
James Arthur Proctor Jr
Melbourne Beach
Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C
H04W 4/00
G06G 1/12
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