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The disclosure details the implementation of apparatuses, methods, and systems for information querying and serving on the internet based on profiles. Information and/or advertisement providers may use a code triggered information server to serve context, demographic, and behavior targeted information to users on the internet. Users, in turn, trigger the provision of information by scanning or observing codes or information, or by selecting web links. The triggers, together with geographic, temporal, and user-specific information, are obtained by the server that receives, processes, and records the message. Based on these messages and a user profile—which may include continuously updated user-specific behavior information, situational and ambient information, an accumulated history of trigger messages, and integration with outside database information—the server selects information to serve to a user on the internet from an information base. For example, a user with a recorded history of interest in coffee products may be served an advertisement for a nearby coffeeshop while browsing the web on his/her PDA. In one embodiment, information may also be served to users on the internet based solely on the user profiles, and without any initiating trigger. This is based on user trajectories or web-surfing habits deduced from the accumulated history of triggers. For example, a user known to routinely visit a music vendor website near the same time each day may be served an advertisement for the latest top-selling CD shortly before that time.

Apparatuses, methods and systems for information querying and serving on the internet based on profiles
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8069169 (B2)
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September 28, 2007
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November 29, 2011
Jason Alan Snyder
Dudley Fitzpatrick
Chadbourne & Parke
Walter G Hanchuk
Augme Technologies
G06F 17/30
G06F 7/00
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