08066739 is referenced by 47 patents and cites 1180 patents.

A tool set for implanting bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws includes a pair of independently mountable and manipulatable elongate guide tools that form a unitary tool guide when desired. Each guide tool includes attachment structure for independent operable connection of the guide tool to an arm of the bone screw. The bone screw/guide tool attachment includes an undercut and/or recess so as to resist separation of the guide tool member from an attached bone screw. A removable stabilizer cooperating with the pair of guide tools places such tools in a set spaced relation to one another when desired. Further tools include a cooperating bone screw driver with an attached stabilizer, a closure starter/reduction tool, a closure driver and a counter torque tool.

Tool system for dynamic spinal implants
Application Number
Publication Number
8066739 (B2)
Application Date
December 6, 2007
Publication Date
November 29, 2011
Roger P Jackson
Prairie Village
John C McMahon
A61B 17/70
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