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A medical device is provided, comprising a first unit and a releasably attachable second unit. The first unit comprises a mounting surface adapted for application to the skin of a subject, and a transcutaneous device comprising a distal pointed end adapted to penetrate the skin of the subject, wherein the transcutaneous device has a first position in which the distal end is retracted relative to the mounting surface, and a second position in which the distal end projects relative to the mounting surface. The second unit comprises actuatable driving means adapted to move the transcutaneous device from the first position to the second position when the driving means is actuated with the second unit attached to the first unit. By this arrangement the first unit can be applied to the skin of the subject using the second unit as a gripping and handling means, whereafter the driving means can be actuated for insertion of the transcutaneous device.

External inserter for transcutaneous device
Application Number
Publication Number
8029469 (B2)
Application Date
October 14, 2005
Publication Date
October 4, 2011
Erik Winkel Ethelfeld
Marc A Began
Wesley A Nicolas
Novo Nordisk
A61M 31/00
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