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A vehicle battery product and a battery monitoring system communicating with a battery product having an at least one electronics module, the module having a controller, the controller having software and a computer readable storage media. An at least one sensor circuit senses the status of the battery product including a battery product voltage and a battery product temperature. Software modules in the battery monitoring system acquire battery product data such as the battery product voltage and the battery product temperature, filter the acquired battery product data into modified battery product data and process the modified battery product data against stored parameters through a lookup function on a variable event filter table resulting in an output that represents the state of charge or state of health of the battery. The acquired, filtered, modified and compared battery product data is stored to provide historical battery product data over the course of the life of the battery product. This stored battery product data is compared against threshold levels. An at least one communication device communicates the data from the battery product and to the battery product and from and to the battery monitoring system to communicate the condition of the battery to a user.

Vehicle battery product and battery monitoring system
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8013611 (B2)
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July 14, 2006
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September 6, 2011
Frank Bruno
Lake Worth
David Elder
Eric J Weierstall Esq
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