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The invention pertains to a rotor blade for a wind power system as well as a wind power system. The present invention is based on the objective of disclosing a rotor blade with a rotor blade profile and a corresponding wind power system that make it possible to improve the efficiency in comparison with arrangements known thus far. In the proposed rotor blade for a wind power system, the position of maximum thickness of the rotor blade lies approximately between 15% and 40%, preferably between 23% and 28%, and the maximum profile thickness lies approximately between 20% and 45%, preferably between 32% and 36%.

Rotor blade for a wind power system
Application Number
Publication Number
7946803 (B2)
Application Date
March 29, 2004
Publication Date
May 24, 2011
Aloys Wobben
Seed IP Law Group PLLC
F03D 1/06
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