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The present invention provides a method for generating routing paths in a multi-hop network. The multi-hop network includes a base station, at least one relay station, and at least one non-relay mobile station. The routing paths are paths between the base station and the at least one non-relay mobile station via the at least one relay station. The base station broadcasts a path discovery message (PDM) including a path list with a starting point of the path list being the base station. Each of the relay stations receives the PDM and updates the PDM by adding their own respective node identifier to the path list and broadcasting the updated PDM. The PDMs eventually reach the non-relay mobile station. The non-relay mobile stations reply to the base station by sending the base station the updated path list between the base station and the non-relay mobile station. In some embodiments the base station or the at least one non-relay mobile station acting as a source node sends a dynamic service (DSx) message including an end-to-end path list to an end of path destination. The relay stations use the path list to forward the message between the source node and the end of path destination. In some implementations the multi-hop network operates in a manner that is consistent with any one of: IEEE 802.16, IEEE 802.16d, and IEEE 802.16e.

Methods and systems for a wireless routing architecture and protocol
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7933236 (B2)
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July 7, 2006
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April 26, 2011
Shiquan Wu
Guo Qiang Wang
Nortel Networks
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