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A tandem axial turbine that comprises a front confusor, a funnel-shaped runner having inner blades and capable of accelerating and directing an oncoming flow toward a co-axial rear runner which rotates in an opposite direction. A tangential turbine has a hub, blades capable of rotating in relation to the hub between positions across and along the flow, and propulsion springs for controlling the movement of the blades in relation to the hub and the transfer of the energy. A second tangential turbine comprises a runner having a hub and blades and a shroud capturing the runner from above and around and permitting the blades to dip into water flowing immediately below the hub and an opening of the shroud. A surface vessel comprises a stabilized frame rotatably affixed on a vessel hull about a center of wave induced rocking motions of the vessel and therefore isolated from a rocking motion of the vessel.

Apparatus for receiving and transferring kinetic energy from a flow and wave
Application Number
Publication Number
7928594 (B2)
Application Date
December 14, 2007
Publication Date
April 19, 2011
Natalia Shreider
Vladimir Anatol Shreider
F03B 13/10
H02P 9/04
F03B 13/00
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