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A cyclical or non-linear time management system and method of managing time, and a time and time management teaching system and method of teaching time and time management is disclosed. The system relates a user's schedule to an actual or imagined clock face to give the user a better perspective and understanding of the flow of events and tasks in the day, and relates intuitive concepts such as the transit of the sun to both the clock and the user's schedule. The system can be used to manage a user's time, taking advantage of the user's familiarity with telling time by an analog clock, and further can be used to educate a user about telling time drawing on the user's familiarity with a daily routine or schedule.

Apparatus and method for time management and instruction
Application Number
Publication Number
7924657 (B2)
Application Date
May 3, 2007
Publication Date
April 12, 2011
Daniel Liebowitz
Bradley D Crose
Crose Law
B42D 15/00
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