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The present invention is a system and method for performing age classification or age estimation based on the facial images of people, using multi-category decomposition architecture of classifiers. In the multi-category decomposition architecture, which is a hybrid multi-classifier architecture specialized to age classification, the task of learning the concept of age against significant within-class variations, is handled by decomposing the set of facial images into auxiliary demographics classes, and the age classification is performed by an array of classifiers where each classifier, called an auxiliary class machine, is specialized to the given auxiliary class. The facial image data is annotated to assign the gender and ethnicity labels as well as the age labels. Each auxiliary class machine is trained to output both the given auxiliary class membership likelihood and the age group likelihoods. Faces are detected from the input image and individually tracked. Age sensitive feature vectors are extracted from the tracked faces and are fed to all of the auxiliary class machines to compute the desired likelihood outputs. The outputs from all of the auxiliary class machines are combined in a manner to make a final decision on the age of the given face.

Method and system for determining the age category of people based on facial images
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7912246 (B1)
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January 29, 2008
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March 22, 2011
Namsoon Jung
State College
Rajeev Sharma
State College
Hankyu Moon
State College
VideoMining Corporation
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