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A system for performing diabetes self-care using at least two devices in communication with one another, comprising (a) a blood glucose monitoring device, including (i) a receptacle for receiving an amount of blood sufficient for the monitoring device to run a blood glucose test sequence, (ii) processing circuitry for controlling a blood glucose test sequence and computing a blood glucose level, (iii) a power source for powering the blood glucose monitoring device, and (b) a portable microprocessor-based device directly coupled with the blood glucose monitoring device for receiving blood glucose test results directly from the blood glucose monitoring device, including (i) a microprocessor that runs according to program instructions stored in a memory for performing analysis of the blood glucose test results, and detecting a need for a change in insulin dosage, (ii) a memory for (A) recording the recorded blood glucose test results, (B) containing programming for establishing a data protocol that allows digital data signal processing, (C) performing analysis of blood glucose, and (D) storing time and date tagged glucose test results and calibration information.

System for performing diabetes self-care
Application Number
Publication Number
7901625 (B2)
Application Date
October 24, 2007
Publication Date
March 8, 2011
Stephen J Brown
Christopher P Maiorana PC
Health Hero Network
G01N 33/00
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