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To change a spatial relationship between two or more bones in a patient's body, a wedge member is moved into a joint between the bones. As the wedge member enters the joint, pivotal movement occurs between the bones to change the orientation of the bones relative to each other. The wedge member may have a circular cross sectional configuration and be moved into the joint by rotating the wedge member about an axis which extends between a thin leading edge portion and a thick trailing edge portion of the wedge member. Alternatively, the wedge member may have a cam-shaped configuration and be rotated through less than a revolution to apply force against the bones. The wedge member may have a porous construction which enables bone to grow through the wedge member and immobilize the joint. The wedge member may be coated with and/or contain bone growth promoting material. The wedge member may be connected to only one of the bones or may be connected to two adjacent bones. If the wedge member is connected to only one bone, the joint may be capable of being flexed after the wedge member is inserted into the joint.

Spinal implant and methods for changing spatial relationships between vertebrae
Application Number
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7892261 (B2)
Application Date
January 13, 2004
Publication Date
February 22, 2011
Peter M Bonutti
Martin Fleit
Paul D Bianco
Fleit Gibbons Gutman Bongini & Bianco PL
P Tech
A61F 2/44
A61B 17/70
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