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The present invention provides an apparatus for listening to music on the internet. The apparatus includes a memory unit configured to store a plurality of internet protocol addresses of internet radio stations, a communication unit configured to communicate with one of the internet radio stations using a corresponding IP address stored in the memory, a first logic configured to request a data from one of the internet radio stations, a second logic configured to receive a digital data stream from the internet station and store the received digital data stream in a buffer, a third logic configured to decode the received digital data stream, a fourth logic configured to convert the decoded digital data stream into an analog data stream, and a service module configured to extract information regarding a song from the digital data stream and forward the extracted information to an external device.

Internet radio player
Application Number
Publication Number
7873040 (B2)
Application Date
August 20, 2007
Publication Date
January 18, 2011
Stephen Karlsgodt
Signal Hill, 90755
David E Heisey
Sheppard Mullin Ritcher & Hampton
Stephen Karlsgodt
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G06F 15/16
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H04L 12/28
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