07840911 is referenced by 27 patents and cites 89 patents.

A method and apparatus for enhanced browsing of electronic data (e.g., web pages, documents, electronic mail). When a first page is displayed in a browser, content identified by links to other pages is prefetched. If the page contains a list of links (e.g., search results), an enhanced browsing stripe is superimposed on the links. The stripe is transparent or semi-transparent, so that a user can identify individual links in the list. As long as a user interface cursor remains within the stripe, whenever the cursor is placed over or adjacent to a link, an enhanced browsing window containing the prefetched content for that link is displayed. The stripe extends at least the length of the list of links. If the cursor reaches the end of the browser window, the browser page is automatically scrolled as necessary to view additional links or page content, and the stripe is extended accordingly.

Method and apparatus for enhanced browsing
Application Number
Publication Number
7840911 (B2)
Application Date
November 10, 2004
Publication Date
November 23, 2010
Wendell Brown
Las Vegas, 89103
Scott Milener
San Francisco, 94123
Stoel Rives
John R Thompson
G06F 3/048
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