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A surgical training device and method. The surgical training device can include a portable case including a base and a lid. The surgical training device can include a support coupled to the base, and the support can be moveable from a first position stored within the base to a second position coupled to the lid. The support can include a plurality of ports positioned so that when the support is in the second position, the surgical instruments inserted into the plurality of ports are substantially horizontal and parallel to the base. The surgical training device can include a camera and a video monitor connected to the camera. The video monitor can display an output from the camera including the surgical instruments and/or simulated tissue.

Surgical training device and method
Application Number
Publication Number
7837473 (B2)
Application Date
April 11, 2006
Publication Date
November 23, 2010
Charles H Koh
Mequon, 53092
Greenberg Traurig
G09B 23/28
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