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A dynamic credit card is provided in which a secure credit card number (e.g., a secret/hidden credit card number) is encoded based on a timing signal (e.g., an internal counter) to provide a dynamic credit card number. This dynamic number may be displayed to a user via a display (e.g., so that online purchases can be made) or written onto a magnetic stripe such that the number may be processed by traditional credit card merchants (e.g., swiped). At a remote facility, the dynamic number may be decoded based on time (and/or a counter/key number/equation) Thus, a dynamic credit card number may change continually or periodically (e.g., every sixty seconds) such that credit card numbers may not be copied by thieves and used at later times. A dynamic verification code may also be utilized in addition to, or in lieu of, a dynamic credit card number.

Dynamic credit card with magnetic stripe and embedded encoder and methods for using the same to provide a copy-proof credit card
Application Number
Publication Number
7793851 (B2)
Application Date
May 9, 2006
Publication Date
September 14, 2010
Jeffrey D Mullen
New York
G06K 19/06
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