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Method and apparatus using a retention arrangement for probes used for electrical testing of a device under test (DUT). The apparatus has a number of probes each of which has a connect end for applying a test signal, a retaining portion, at least one arm portion and a contact tip for making an electrical contact with the DUT. A retention arrangement has a tip holder for holding each of the probes by its contacting tip and a plate with openings for holding each of the probes below the retaining portion. The retaining portion of each of the probes is potted in a potting region defined above the plate with the aid of a potting agent. The apparatus can be used with space transformers, a variety of probes of different geometries and scrub motion characteristics and is well-suited for use in probe card apparatus under tight pitch and small tolerance requirements.

Probe cards employing probes having retaining portions for potting in a potting region
Application Number
Publication Number
7786740 (B2)
Application Date
October 11, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2010
January Kister
Portola Valley
Peacock Myers P C
Samantha A Updegraff
Deborah A Peacock
Astria Semiconductor Holdings
G01R 31/02
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