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An electrical connection structure allowing reduction in height and easy disassembly, wherein a first connecting member comprises a flexible substrate comprising a flexible insulating film, at least one conductive pad formed on at least one side thereof, a conductive circuit pattern extending from the rim of the pad, a through-hole formed through the thickness thereof at a planar position within the pad, and a small aperture formed at a planar position within the pad and communicating with the through-hole, and a second connecting member comprises a conductive projection formed at least one side thereof and electrically connected with a conductive circuit pattern formed inside or on the second connecting member, where the electrical connection is formed in the manner such that the conductive projection of the second connecting member is inserted in the through-hole of the first connecting member, through the small aperture in the pad, bending the pad and the portion of the insulating film under the pad, along the direction of insertion of the conductive projection, so that the pad is pressed onto the conductive projection due to elastic force of the pad and the insulating film bent.

Electrical connection structure
Application Number
Publication Number
7785113 (B2)
Application Date
October 27, 2006
Publication Date
August 31, 2010
Masanori Mizoguchi
Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane
Asahi Denka Kenkyusho
H01R 12/00
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