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A multi-mode parallel graphics rendering and display system supporting real-time graphics rendering and display operations using a graphics hub device. The system includes a CPU memory space, one or more CPUs for executing graphics-based applications, and a multi-mode parallel graphics rendering system (MPGRS) supporting multiple modes of parallel operation including object division, image division, and time division. The MMPGRS includes a plurality of graphic processing pipelines (GPPLs) that support a parallel graphics rendering process employing one or more modes of parallel operation. Each mode of parallel operation includes at least a decomposition stage, a distribution stage and a recomposition stage, and the MMPGRS also includes a decomposition module for supporting the decomposition stage, a distribution module for supporting the distribution stage, a recomposition module for supporting the recomposition stage, and a graphics hub device (GHD) for interconnecting the CPU memory space with the GPPLs, and supporting basic functionalities of the distribution and recomposition modules during the run-time of the graphics-based application. An automatic mode controller automatically controls the mode of parallel operation of the parallel graphics rendering subsystem during the run-time of the graphics-based application.

PC-level computing system with a multi-mode parallel graphics rendering subsystem employing an automatic mode controller, responsive to performance data collected during the run-time of graphics applications
Application Number
Publication Number
7777748 (B2)
Application Date
September 18, 2007
Publication Date
August 17, 2010
Yaniv Leviathan
Reuven Bakalash
Thomas J Perkowski Esq P C
Lucid Information Technology
G06K 9/54
G06T 1/20
G06T 1/00
G06F 9/46
G06F 15/00
G06F 15/80
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