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Transportation of larger diameter gas turbine engines can be problematic. In such circumstances it is known to separate the fan assembly (30) from the engine core (1) and other parts to facilitate transportation. Separation of the fan assembly (30) and engine core (1) can require a gantry which adds to inconvenience and costs. By utilizing a platform (2, 44) with suspender members (43) in the form of boot straps (43) which extend down from an existing pylon (31) it is possible to remove an engine core (1) through a carriage dolly (3, 45) which moves along a rail (21 within the platform (2, 44) generally laterally until it is possible to lower the engine upon the platform to ground level. The platform (2, 44) and carriage dolly (3, 45) can then act as a stand for transportation of the engine core.

Engine core stand arrangement and method of removal and transportation of an engine core
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7770292 (B2)
Application Date
June 14, 2007
Publication Date
August 10, 2010
Richard G Stretton
Oliff & Berridge
Rolls Royce
B23Q 7/00
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