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An audio communication system including a communication server with an operator interface coupled to a network and one or more audio communication terminal clients coupled to the network. The communication server is advantageously implemented in a PC based system connected to a network. The network may include the internet. In operation the server may monitor the network for a client connection request issued by one of the audio communication terminal clients. A TCP/IP network connection is established between the communication server and a client after said communication server receives a client connection request. Once the connection is established the server displays an indication of client connection request through operator interface. Alternatively an indication of the client connection request may be presented to the operator. The operator then controls the server based on inputs to the user/operator interface. The operator may respond to the remote client either by speaking, by playing a pre-recorded message or by transferring the connection and/or connection request to another communication server. The system may be have a fault tolerant feature whereby the audio communication terminal clients attempt to connect with and alternate communication server if the initial server is not available.

Method and system for computer based intercom control and management
Application Number
Publication Number
7760721 (B2)
Application Date
September 1, 2005
Publication Date
July 20, 2010
Scott Stogel
Westport, 06880
Morrison & Foerster
H04L 12/28
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