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This invention relates to agricultural compositions that find particular use as a fungicide composition. The fungicide composition can include one or more fatty acids and one or more organic acids different from the fatty acid. The organic acid can but need not exhibit any fungicidal activity; however, when combined with a fatty acid, the organic acid functions as a potent synergist for the fatty acid as a fungicide. Additionally, the fungicide composition can include other components such as emulsifiers, adjuvants, surfactants and diluents. The fungicide composition significantly reduces or prevents the fungal infection of cash crops including vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, grains and at higher application rates, can also be used as a harvest aid or desiccant for harvested crops such as potatoes.

Fungicide compositions
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7741244 (B2)
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January 9, 2003
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June 22, 2010
Robert D Coleman
Okemos, 48864
Brannon & Sowers PC
Edward E Sowers
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