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A method and system for negotiating improved terms for a product being purchased over the Internet. Once a purchaser has made a decision to buy a specific product over the Internet, the purchaser may use the services of a personal negotiating broker-agent program to beat the best available purchase transaction within a specifiable time window. The personal broker-agent program may detect an issuance of a commitment to purchase over the Internet by a purchaser. The personal broker-agent program may then make an offer to the purchaser the option of waiting a predetermined amount of time while the broker agent searches for improved items. On acceptance of the option by the purchaser, the personal broker-agent program may conduct an auction and/or search the Internet for a better deal and may evaluate the auction and/or search responses to determine the best deal. The personal broker-agent program may then execute the best deal. If the purchaser elects not to accept the option from the personal broker-agent program, then the purchaser may execute the commitment to purchase transaction without delay.

System and method for negotiating improved terms for products and services being purchased through the internet
Application Number
Publication Number
7720770 (B1)
Application Date
July 10, 2000
Publication Date
May 18, 2010
Nobuyoshi Morimoto
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Meyertons Hood Kivlin Kowert & Goetzel P C
Robert C Kowert
G06F 17/60
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