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An e-commerce method involves on-line viewing of a first article through a linking node for virtual merging on another structure. A particular application of the invention is directed to a method of on-line apparel shopping. The method includes providing a host-site accessible to an on-line viewer (customer) and web-linkable to a retailer having an apparel site. The retailer's apparel site has images of articles stored in a virtual closet. These articles can be apparel from retail stores for viewing over the web, and the on-line viewer is linked to the host-site. The consumer selects a structure, such as a photograph of a person captured in system memory, in response to a command received by the on-line viewer. Using the host-site, the viewer or customer is linked to the retailer's apparel site and images are passed from that site for view by the customer. Apparel is selected and virtually merged with the structure by forming an image including representations of both the structure and the selected-apparel.

Merged images viewed via a virtual storage closet
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7712035 (B2)
Application Date
November 18, 2004
Publication Date
May 4, 2010
Robert Giannini
Jersey City
Crawford Maunu PLLC
G06K 15/00
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