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A pipeline video decoder and decompression system handles a plurality of separately encoded bit streams arranged as a single serial bit stream of digital bits and having separately encoded pairs of control codes and corresponding data carried in the serial bit stream. The pipeline system employs a plurality of interconnected stages to decode and decompress the single bit stream, including a start code detector. When in a search mode, the start code detector searches for a specific start code corresponding to one of multiple compression standards. The start code detector responding to the single serial bit stream generates control tokens and data tokens. A respective one of the tokens includes a plurality of data words. Each data word has an extension bit which indicates a presence of additional words therein. The data words are thereby unlimited in number. A token decode circuit positioned in certain of the stages recognizes certain of the tokens as control tokens pertinent to that stage and passes unrecognized control tokens to a succeeding stage. A reconfigurable decode and parser processing means positioned in certain of the stages is responsive to a recognized control token and reconfigures a particular stage to handle an identified data token. Methods relating to the decoder and decompression system include processing steps relating thereto.

Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including start code detection and methods relating thereto
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7711938 (B2)
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January 26, 2001
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May 4, 2010
Anthony Peter J Claydon
Bath Avon, BA2 6BZ
Kevin J Boyd
Bristol, BS7 9DL
Helen R Finch
Bristol, BS9 1SZ
Anthony M Jones
Arnhem-Zuid, 6835
William P Robbins
Bristol, BS8 4LW
Martin W Sotheran
Bristol, BS12 3SE
Adrian P Wise
Bracknell, RG42 4HU
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
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