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Data streams are selected according to user preferences and transmitted to the user. Such data streams may be audio, video, or other works, such as popular music or the like, or other works, including music videos. Users may indicate their general or specific preferences with reaard to song, artists, or albums. Other users, particularly ones who access the system often, can act as influencers or controllers of the music transmitted to the user. Any other aspects or factors that might affect the user's preferences can be taken into account, such as popular radio stations in the United States or anywhere in the world. A playlist can be created that combines all of these factors, as well as any applicable statutory regulations. The playlist serves as a basis for feeding the data streams to the user, and the user can enjoy music generally of their choosing, while additionally being exposed to new music (if the user so prefers). An Internet radio is established. Each user can express their own preferences and receive music corresponding to those preferences on an on-going basis. Every individual can be the manager of their own radio station that broadcasts music that parallels the user's tastes. Other users may also choose to hear the same playlist as another individual, or allow that individual to influence their playlist.

Internet radio and broadcast method
Application Number
Publication Number
7711838 (B1)
Application Date
November 9, 2000
Publication Date
May 4, 2010
Todd M Beaupre
Los Angeles
Jeffrey R Boulter
Los Angeles
Greenberg Traurig
James J DeCarlo
G06F 15/16
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