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The present invention provides a thermal cycling device including: a heat exchanger body (3) having a longitudinal axis and longitudinally divided to provide at least two segments which are able to be heated to different temperatures so that said body has peripheral surfaces of different temperatures; a conduit (2) extending about said body so as to be in thermal contact with said peripheral surfaces; a first delivery device to deliver a first fluid to said conduit to cause said fluid to pass therealong and therefore change in temperature as the fluid passes said segments; and a second delivery device to deliver a second fluid to said conduit so as to flow with said first liquid and therefore also change in temperature. The fluid then leaves the device by conduit (4). The invention also is directed to an injector means for use in the thermal cycling device of this invention, comprising: a septum (26); a needle (20) which is able to pierce the septum; a reservoir (27) in fluid contact with septum (26) having an inlet (28) and an outlet (30); wherein when in use, the needle is urged through the fluid in said reservoir and then through the septum while continually purging the reservoir with said purge fluid. The present invention also includes a scanning detector (5) fitted to the outside of the heat exchange body (3) which monitors the course of reaction inside the conduit (2).

Continuous flow thermal device
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7709250 (B2)
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June 10, 2005
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May 4, 2010
John Michael Corbett Jr
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John Michael Corbett
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