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An apparatus for depositing a solid film onto a substrate from a reagent solution includes a reservoir of reagent solution maintained at a sufficiently low temperature to inhibit homogeneous reactions within the reagent solution. The reagent solution contains multiple ligands to further control temperature stability and shelf life. The chilled solution is dispensed through a showerhead onto a substrate. The substrate is positioned in a holder that has a raised structure peripheral to the substrate to retain or impound a controlled volume (or depth) of reagent solution over the exposed surface of the substrate. The reagent solution is periodically or continuously replenished from the showerhead so that only the part of the solution directly adjacent to the substrate is heated. A heater is disposed beneath the substrate and maintains the substrate at an elevated temperature at which the deposition of a desired solid phase from the reagent solution may be initiated. The showerhead may also dispense excess chilled reagent solution to cool various components within the apparatus and minimize nucleation of solids in areas other than on the substrate. The apparatus and its associated method of use are particularly suited to forming films of II-VI semiconductors.

Film growth system and method
Application Number
Publication Number
7700161 (B2)
Application Date
May 7, 2008
Publication Date
April 20, 2010
Isaiah O Oladeji
Robert J Lauf
Sisom Thin Films
C23C 4/08
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