07694450 is referenced by 28 patents and cites 16 patents.

A removable optical sight mount adapted for use with a military-style rifle such as an M1A provides a centrally aligned support projecting well to the rear for use with sights having very limited eye relief. The removable sight advantageously uses a three point lock up or attachment to the rifle, the three points being (1) an elongated longitudinal tenon engaging a groove on the left side of the rifle secured with a fastener and cammed into tight engagement with the groove, (2) a transverse rear guide block, and (3) an adjustable front set screw that, when tightened, bears on the rifle receiver's crown.

Removable optical sight mount adapted for use with M14, M1A and similar rifles and method for removably attaching an optical sight to a rifle
Application Number
Publication Number
7694450 (B2)
Application Date
February 8, 2007
Publication Date
April 13, 2010
Da Keng
Atlanta, 30336
J A McKinney Jr
F41G 1/38
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