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Relocatable personal and/or pet safety shelters for protecting occupants from dangerous conditions such as those from hurricanes and tornadoes. The shelters can include metal wall and ceiling panels of approximately 10 gage to approximately 12 gage thick and be able to withstand winds of up to approximately 250 miles per hour or greater, and be able to withstand a projectile such as 2 inch by 4 inch wood member shot at approximately 100 miles per hour from penetrating inside. The shelter can have a length of approximately 60 inches, a width of approximately 30 inches, a height of approximately 55 inches, with a total weight of up to approximately 940 pounds. The shelter can have fixed bench seats along opposite sides of the door from each other, and be attached in a fixed horizontal orientation above the floor by elongated L-shaped brackets that are attached to the walls be removable fasteners. The bench seats can also be attached by hinges so that the bench seats can have folded up positions adjacent to side walls and can fold down to horizontal positions to allow occupants to sit thereon. A fold down table can be included to fold down between the two bench seats when being used. A safety window such as plexiglass, can be formed in the door to allow the occupants to see outside environmental conditions. The shelter can be fastened to a concrete pad base, or driveway or concrete floor and the like, both inside and outside of a garage, a home, a trailer, and the like.

Relocatable personal and/or pet safety appliance
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7690159 (B1)
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March 16, 2007
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April 6, 2010
Floyd Arnold
Murfreesboro, 37130
Law Offices of Brian S Steinberger P A
Brian S Steinberger
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